FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

With our cloud based school management system you can access it from anywhere  anytime from any part of the world.

Our application can be accessed via Android/iOS App for Students, Parents & Teacher while Web based ERP will be delivered to school administrator.

With our Shiksha eSchool ERP we provide FREE access to our e-Learning platform called ekdemy.com. Students within our platform could later on access all site-wide learning material.

Our ERP flawlessly integrates SMS/Email for notification to Students, Parents & Teachers while Payment (eSewal/Khalti/Wire) could be made available for payments.

 AMC are Annual Maintenance Cost which depends on the package selected and student head counts.

In case if Schools using old management system we will fetch the usable data sets.

We provide frequent class for Admin Staff to get used of our Web based ERP systems. We also do provide Parent/Teacher meet on how to use our App systems in its full.  

HexxaSoft Pvt Ltd have all the copyright of Shiksha eSchool & ekdemy.com e-Learning and its Logo.

We have basically two cost components of our Cloud based Package – 1. Fixed Cost and 2. Variable Cost. Fixed cost is the one time cost we charge to school after the contract signed. In the other hand Variable Cost is the recurring cost that is charged based on Package from our Standard, Premium, Platinum)

Our Shiksha eSchool SaaS(Software as a Service) doesn’t work with one time cost, as its recurring cost to us or hardware, licenses of various software needed for Shiksha eSchool, backup/restore, maintenance of server and app, upgrades, customization and payment and SMS integrations.

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